One More You Transitions
A customized service because every client is unique
To reduce the stress of transition
When family & friends can't help
When the list is overwhelming
Helping people simplify their lives by getting organized

Life is about finding the perfect box! People are always moving, from here to there. They search for the perfect box to pack this and that. They even sit at a funeral during a transition and look at the casket and say to themselves that is a nice big box I could pack a lot of stuff in that box!

--Jerry Seinfeld
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Libby Patrick

Founder / Owner

Professional Organizer

Transition Assistant

We can laugh at this but it is true. Life is about constant change!

A few years ago, during a major transition in my life, I was constantly looking for the perfect box and saying to myself "if only I had one more me I could get this done!"

In this new wave of transition the number one question is "what am I going to do with all my stuff"? Usually it's an emotional time and it becomes overwhelming to make all the decisions alone. I founded One More You Transitions primarily to provide customized services to those in transition.

At One More You Transitions, it is our passion to provide a culture of gentle kindness because we understand ~ Breaking Up With Stuff Is Hard To Do

"Hopefully, we can make them feel less stressed by knowing they do not have to do it alone." --Libby Patrick


When it's time to make a change | We help people live happier with less stuff

  • Organizing
  • Downsize
  • Home Staging
  • Extra Help During a Transition
  • Assistance with Life Events

From the attic to the basement

Remove the chaos | Restore order

Simplify so you can enjoy your space

Moving to a smaller home?

Want to get rid of the storage unit?

Are you ready to let go of unwanted items?

Is your house going on the market?

Let us help you create a tasteful open flow to welcome potential buyers when they walk in the door

Thinking about moving to a senior living community?

We are here to lend a helping hand.

After the funeral you're processing the grief, let us help you with a house full of unwanted stuff

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Initial Consultation

  • Call or email us. We try to get back to you the same day.
  • Consultation is done over the phone or in person.
  • We discuss your goals and provide a scheduled plan of action.


One More You Transitions is priced according to service, duration and details.

The Process

  • We work alongside you or alone to complete the task.
  • Create helpful solutions.
  • Give gentle direction on letting go of things to donate or sell.

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We don't just organize your stuff, we provide services that start with the initial consultation to the removal of large pieces you want to sell or donate. We have business associates who will auction off contents for you if that is your desire.

One More You Transitions respects your confidentiality, we are insured and bonded.